Foreign Currency

Pay your bill with foreign currency

If you’re an international student, you may pay your student account from your home bank by using GlobalPay for Students.

GlobalPay for Students is a simple and secure way to make an electronic payment in your own currency. The exchange rate is competitive with retail rates and is valid for 72 hours after you start the payment process. And there’s no transaction fee from either GlobalPay for Students or Indiana University, though your bank may charge a fee.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you use GlobalPay for Students:

  • If your local currency is not available, choose another currency on the list or choose UNITED STATES (USD).
  • Print your GlobalPay for Students confirmation page or quote and take it to your local bank. Your bill won’t be paid until you do this. Your local bank will then transfer the funds to Indiana University.
  • We’ll post the U.S. dollar equivalent to your student account, usually within five business days after your local bank transfers the money. Make sure you start the process in plenty of time before your bill is due.