Full-Time Student Status

Mind your status

Your financial aid, the amount of time it takes you to finish your degree, whether or not you’re eligible for certain services—all these and more depend on your student status. Make sure you maintain full-time enrollment.

  • Enrollment requirements

    Check the table below for enrollment requirements for the fall, spring, and summer terms. Note that correspondence courses don’t count toward your credit hour totals.

    Half timeFull time
    Undergraduate6 hours12 hours
    Graduate4 hours8 hours
  • Enrollment requirements for international students

    Summer enrollment requirements apply to students who have not been enrolled at IUPUC the previous five months. If you’re beginning your IUPUC education during the summer term, you won’t be able to start until the second eight weeks.

    Fall and springSummer
    International undergraduate12 hours6 hours
    International graduate student8 hours4 hours
    International graduate student with a student academic appointment6 hours3 hours

Keep your financial aid

Much financial aid, especially federal loans, requires you to be enrolled in a minimum number of credit hours. Check the requirements for the type of aid you’re applying for to make sure you’re taking enough credit hours to get and keep it.

Finish your degree on time

If your degree requires 120 to 128 credit hours, you should expect to take no fewer than 15 or 16 hours per semester to complete your degree requirements in 8 semesters. Talk to your advisor for more specific credit hour recommendations for your program.