Enrollment Verification & Attendance

At some point, you may need to prove your current or past enrollment status as an IUPUC student. You may need this verification for several reasons, including:

  • Getting or keeping insurance (for example, to get a good student discount on car insurance or to stay on your parents’ health insurance)
  • Deferring your loans until after you graduate
  • Informing employers or screening firms of your education
  • Responding to calls for jury duty

You can print your own enrollment certification for some purposes. For others, the parties requesting the verification (usually employers or lenders) will contact the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC), our trusted not-for-profit partner in verification.

Note that enrollment certification isn’t official until the first day of the term.

  • Request your verification online

    You can get an enrollment certification to send to health insurers, housing providers, or other organizations requiring proof of your enrollment. This certification doesn’t include course information, grade information, or your GPA.If you need to prove that you qualify for a good student discount on your auto insurance, you can request a good student discount document instead.Log into One.IU and go to Enrollment Verification Certificate to print either document. You can also:

    • See deferment forms and electronic notifications sent to your lenders

    • Get a list of your student loan lenders

    • View your enrollment history

  • Request your verification in writing

    If you need enrollment verification, please submit a request for enrollment certification form to the Office of Registrar Services along with any other documentation or forms required by those agencies. We provide enrollment certification after the 100 percent refund period each semester. We cannot certify enrollment for a future term, even if you have already registered for classes and paid your bursar bill.