FLAGS Early Alert System

Keep an eye on your academic progress

Starting with the second week of the term, IU’s FLAGS (Fostering Learning, Achievement, and Graduation Success) early alert system will help you monitor your academic progress. Your instructors will use FLAGS to assess:

  • Your attendance
  • Your academic performance
  • Your participation
  • Your preparation
  • Your coursework success

FLAGS allows your instructors to offer suggestions on how you might be able to improve your performance and achieve the success you want. The system was designed to give you useful, timely feedback on your performance and to guide you to resources available to help you.

Find out how you’re doing

Log into One.IU and go to View Grades to see your assessments. Look in the section called “Performance Roster.” (If you don’t see this section, none of your instructors have submitted FLAGS assessments.)

Your instructors can submit updates throughout the term, so make sure you check on your performance multiple times. Choose “Performance History” to see your earlier performance information.

If your performance roster says only “Attending,” that means your instructor has not reported any problems.

What happens if you’ve been flagged?

You’ll be notified if one of your instructors has raised a performance flag. If you’re asked to take action, make sure you do so right away to avoid potential problems with your academic record or financial aid.

If you have any questions about the feedback you’ve received, be sure to talk to your instructor or advisor.

See your performance roster