Withdraw from IUPUC

What to know about withdrawing from IUPUC

Failure to pay your student account bill doesn’t withdraw you from IUPUC. If you don’t withdraw properly, you risk receiving grades of F in your courses. You’ll also be responsible for all course fees, plus any applicable late fees, through the time you officially withdraw.

If you decide not to attend, you must follow the procedures below.

The process for canceling your registration depends on whether or not it’s after the first week of the term.

Through the first week of the term

You can withdraw from IUPUC without penalty during the first week of the semester. Cancel your registration by dropping all of your classes through One.IU. After you drop all classes, print a copy of your class schedule to make sure all classes were dropped

After the first week of the term

If you withdraw after the first week of classes, the classes in which you were enrolled will appear on your record with a grade of W or F as appropriate and a note with the date you withdrew.

If you owe a balance on your student account, pay it by the due date. Past due balances will keep you from obtaining a transcript or registering at another IU campus.

Continue to monitor your student account and your IU email account for a few months after you withdraw to make sure all account adjustments have been made.

It can take up to 30 days for your student account to be finalized and a refund issued (if you’re due one).

Final deadline for complete withdrawal

The last day you can request a complete withdrawal from classes for the semester is listed on the academic calendars for each session and term.