Change Your Name

What’s in a name (and how to change it)

We maintain three different names for you:

  • Primary. This is your legal name according to the federal government and the state of Indiana. It’s on your academic record, transcripts, and your diploma (unless you’ve indicated a degree name).
  • Preferred. You can change this to a nickname or shortened version of your name (e.g., Cindy instead of Cynthia). It’s used in learning management systems such as Canvas, class and grade rosters, and on your CrimsonCard.
  • Degree. This is used on your diploma only. You can request a variation of your legal name for your diploma (e.g., your middle initial rather than your full middle name).

Change your primary name

It’s your responsibility to verify that your primary name is listed correctly, including hyphens, spaces, lower and uppercase letters, and accent marks.

If your name has been legally changed or is inaccurate in our system, you can request a change through registrar services. The process for changing your primary name depends on whether you are a student only or both a student and an employee. Either way, you’ll need to include legal documentation of your name, such as:

  • Your driver’s license
  • Your passport
  • Your Social Security card
  • Your marriage certificate
  • An official court document

If you're a student worker

Complete and submit a personal data change form, along with a copy of legal documentation of your name. Send your documentation to:

Office of Personnel Administration
4601 Central Avenue, LC Room 2108
Columbus, IN 47203

Change your preferred name

To see your current name or to change your preferred first or middle name, log in to One.IU and go to Personal Information. Choose “Edit” to modify your preferred name. Note that this will not update the name on your diploma or transcripts.