Admissions-Based Scholarships

Rewarding Your Hard Work

If you are a high school senior nearing graduation and plan to attend IUPUC in the fall semester after graduating, you may be eligible for automatic scholarships from IUPUC. Each year, we award a variety of Admission-Based Scholarships to students based on their academic achievement.

To qualify, you must apply to IUPUC by February 15th of your senior year and meet specific scholarship criteria. No application or supporting materials are required unless indicated. Some admission-based scholarships are based on need, so be sure to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (or FAFSA) when it becomes available October 1 for fullest consideration.

If you are eligible for a scholarship, you will be notified when the Office of Student Financial Services sends out Financial Aid Notifications.

Dates to Keep in Mind

Your education at IUPUC is one of the biggest investments you'll make in your adult life. See below for key scholarship and financial aid dates to consider when applying for Fall 2021.

August 1, 2020The online Apply IU Admissions Application becomes available for Fall 2021 applicants
October 1, 2020The IU General Application opens for students to submit for additional scholarship consideration
Late-December, 2020Financial Aid Notification (FAN) letters begin to be sent to students
February 1, 2021Deadline to submit completed profile in RaiseMe
February 15, 2021Deadline to submit the IU General Application for admissions-based scholarships
Mid-March, 2021Updated FAN letters are sent to students who have had changes to their aid package
April 1, 2021Deadline to submit updated GPA and/or test scores
April 15, 2021Deadline to submit FAFSA for consideration of state aid