Registering Late

Registering during the late registration period

If you miss the open registration deadline, you can still use One.IU to register during the first week of classes. This is known as the late registration period.

Note that if you register during this time, you’ll be charged a late registration fee. We’ll consider waiving the late registration fee only if you can clearly demonstrate that the university, through one of its offices or officials, is directly responsible for your late registration.

Learn how to register via One.IU

Registering after the late registration deadline

If you register after the first week of classes, you’ll be charged a late registration fee. You’ll also be required to get departmental authorization for each class you want to register for. And you can’t register online.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get a paper add slip for each course from registrar services office.
  2. Check for any registration holds in One.IU.
  3. Review and update your addresses.
  4. Follow your division's advising procedure.
  5. Check the final exam schedule to make sure you won’t have any conflicts.
  6. Get the instructor’s authorization signature. The instructor approval means there is room in the class and you both agree it is possible to make up missed work.
  7. Return the completed add slip(s) to the registrar services for processing.