Make sure all of your addresses are up to date

We keep several addresses on file for you, used for different purposes. You should be sure to keep them current so you don’t miss any important communications—and so you can get your diploma when you graduate.

Find out more about what each address is used for below.

  • Student home

    Your student home address is your permanent address, usually a parent’s address, where mail will always reach you. This is the only address on your permanent record.

    Your student home address is used for:

    • Diplomas
    • Commencement
    • Honors convocation
    • Transcripts
  • Local

    Your local address is where you live while attending IUPUC during the current semester.

    Your local address is used for:

    • Financial aid refund checks
    • Enrollment information
    • Mailings
  • Home (for student workers)

    If you’re a student employee, this is your home address. It’s used for:

    • Benefits
    • Human resources information

    You must submit any changes to this address through University Human Resources.

  • Diploma

    Your diploma address is where your diploma will be sent if you don’t want it sent to your student home address.

    Learn more about getting your diploma

Change your address online

If you’re a current student, you can change your student home, local, and mailing addresses online. Log into One.IU and go to Personal Information. Make sure you don’t add an address type that already exists—if you need to change an address, use the edit button instead.

Are you a former student?

If you’re a former student who hasn’t been enrolled in any classes for two consecutive terms and whose computing accounts have been disabled, submit your address change through the Office of Registrar Services.